Microcontrollers ATmega2560
Stepper Drivers Trinamic TMC2130
Input Voltage 24V
Fuse 7.5 amp blade fuse
Power Receptacle Black 3-pin receptacle (Molex Part 2002411113
Vacuum Peripheral Receptacle Black 3-pin receptacle (Molex Part 2002411113)
Other Peripheral Receptacles (Water and Lighting) - Black 2-pin receptacle (Molex Part 151048-1206)
Motor Receptacles Black 4-pin receptacle (Molex Part 705430038)
DC Current per I/O Pin 40 mA
DC Current for 3.3V Pin 50 mA
PCB color Black
RoHS Compliant true
CE Certification Yes (Certificate of Conformity)
Price $75.00
Quantity Express - 1
Express XL - 1
Purchase The FarmBot Shop
internal part name Farmduino Express v1.1
rev A
vendor LDO
cost $32.90
notes ---


Farmduino is open-source

Resource Link
Schematics, board layout, and hardware source files Google Drive Folder
Arduino MCU firmware source code GitHub

Component tests

Test Description Target Tolerance
Pins Inspect the pins for damage. No pins should be bent N/A
Fuse Ensure the blade fuse is inserted and of the correct amperage. 7.5 Amps N/A
Color Inspect the color of the PCB. Matte black N/A
Functionality Use the factory test firmware to test motor and peripheral functions. All functions work N/A
SPI comms Modify Trinamic TMC2130 parameters (eg: motor current) Parameters should update. N/A