Installation tips

Watch the short video below to understand how to provide power, water, and an internet connection to your FarmBot in a safe a reliable way.

Because FarmBot Express and Express XL come 95% pre-assembled in the box, assembly of the actual machine will only take about 1 hour. The following documentation pages provide step-by-step instructions for each part of the assembly process. Alternatively, you may watch this unboxing and assembly video:

Unpack everything

When you first open up your FarmBot, unpack all of the subassemblies, parts, and tools so that you develop a full idea of what’s included, and so that you can organize everything neatly on a table.

If you are inexperienced working on machines similar to FarmBot (3D printers, etc) then refer to the bill of materials to familiarize yourself with the names and functions of all of FarmBot’s parts.

Handle with care

The aluminum extrusions may have sharp corners and edges.

We'll make it right

If anything is missing or damaged, let us know right away at We’ll ship out replacement parts as soon as we can.

Plan accordingly

Compared to FarmBot Genesis, FarmBot Express is much simpler and easier to set up. However, you’ll still need to dedicate an hour or two for installing the FarmBot, and more time for building the raised bed and filling it with soil. Be prepared to spend the following amounts of time. Remember, these are just estimations; depending on your skill level and familiarity with building stuff, you may need more or less time. Consider assembling FarmBot with a friend to significantly speed things up and help reduce mistakes.

Subassembly Estimated Time (Express) Express XL
Raised bed 8 hours 12 hours
FarmBot 30 minutes 40 minutes
Belts 10 minutes 10 minutes
Cables and tubing 10 minutes 10 minutes
TOTAL 1 hour for just FarmBot
9 hours with raised bed
1 hour for just FarmBot
13 hours with raised bed

What’s next?