cable 22AWG-2C Stranded Copper
length 0.35m
rated voltage 300V DC
inner colors Red and black
outer color Black
heat shrink label H20
connector 1 Black 2-pin plug (Molex 50579402)
connector 2 Two 1/4" female shielded quick-connect terminals
Price $8.00
Quantity Express - 1
Express XL - 1
Purchase The FarmBot Shop
internal part name Solenoid Valve Cable - 0.35m (Express and Express XL)
rev B
cost $1.70
notes New connector on Farmduino end, see drawing. Must perform a continuity check at factory

Component tests

Test Description Target Tolerance
Connectors and continuity Use the cable to connect a solenoid valve to a Farmduino. The cable’s connectors should connect as expected and the valve should be operable. N/A
Length Measure the length using a tape measure. 0.5m +/- 20mm
Cable Inspect the cable’s spec. 22AWG-2C stranded copper cable N/A
Heatshrink label Inspect the label near the Farmduino connector. H20 N/A
Color Inspect the color of the cable. Black outer, black and red inner N/A