input voltage 24V DC
current draw 0.5A
connectors Three 3/16" male quick-connect terminals for 24V, GND, and PE (protected earth)
barb size For 6mm ID tubing
pcb PCB with EMI filtering and soft-start circuitry soldered onto back of motor
pcb color Matte black with gold ENIG
Price $40.00
Quantity Express - 1
Express XL - 1
Purchase The FarmBot Shop
internal part name Vacuum Pump - 24V with EMI Filter
rev A
vendor LDO
cost $16.90

Thank you Réstep

The EMI filter circuit included on the back of the v1.1 vacuum pump is based on Chris Arntzen’s openly licensed Réstep EMI Filter add-on for older versions of FarmBot’s vacuum pump.

Thank you Chris for lending your expertise in electronics design to the FarmBot community with this fantastic open-source contribution!

Component tests

Test Description Target Tolerance
Performance Connect the vacuum pump to a 24V power source, vacuum air tube, UTM, and seeder tool. The vacuum should exert enough suction to pick up a seed N/A
Terminal size Connect a vacuum pump cable. The cable’s connectors should connect to the terminals as expected N/A
PCB color Inspect the PCB’s color. Matte black N/A
Size Assembly a vacuum pump, vacuum pump mount plate, vacuum pump cover, and z-axis extrusion according to the FarmBot system design. Vacuum pump should fit inside the housing without interference, N/A
Inlet size Connect a vacuum air tube to the vacuum pump’s inlet. Tube should connect as expected, requiring a small amount of force to remove. N/A